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UNIBIZ Piles Care Granules


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Useful in Internal piles, External piles, Blind & Bleeding piles, Pre & post operating piles.
It shrinks hemorrhoids.
It provides relief from pain, itching & discomfort.
It soothes peri-anal pain.
It reduces inflammation.
It helps relieve constipation.
A pure herbal product with no side effects.
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Piles Care Granules present a scientifically formulated and clinically proven, all-natural solution for lasting relief from piles. Crafted from pure herbal ingredients, this supplement is designed to provide gentle healing, alleviating the painful symptoms associated with piles and empowering individuals to lead a comfortable daily life.

The unique blend of natural elements in Piles Care Granules is carefully chosen for their therapeutic properties. This herbal product aims to address the discomfort, itching, and inflammation associated with piles, offering a holistic approach to piles care.

The efficacy of Piles Care Granules is rooted in its natural composition, avoiding the use of synthetic additives or harsh chemicals. Its gentle healing properties make it suitable for long-term use, contributing to the overall well-being of individuals dealing with piles.


Neem beej, Karela, Haldi, Katuki, Nagkesar, Sunth, Resvanti, Nasottar, Shudh Gugal, Kali mirch.

How to use:

Take half table spoon churan with a glass of warm water twice a day (At morning empty stomach & night before sleep)


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