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BigFlex EAA Essential Amino Acid – 30 Servings, Lychee


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Brand : Bigflex
Flavour : LYCHEE
Net Quantity : 450.0 gram
Item Form : Powder
Item Weight : 0.73 Kilograms
Item Dimensions : LxWxH 10 x 10 x 15 Centimeters
Diet Type : Vegetarian
Product Benefits Energy,Hydrating
Age Range (Description) : Adult
Package Information : Bottle

Bigflex EAA Lychee Flavour 450 Gm + Free Bigflex Shaker

  • Essential Amino Acids (EAA): Inclusive of BCAAs, vital amino acids essential for the body, requiring external sources for intake.
  • Protein Consumption or Supplementation: Necessary for acquiring essential amino acids; Bigflex EAA provides a convenient supplementation option.
  • 9g EAA Content: Each serving supplies 9g of Essential Amino Acids, including a substantial 5g of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).
  • Supports Muscle Growth & Recovery: EAA contributes to muscle growth, aids in recovery, and enhances overall strength and performance.
  • Hydration Complex: Enriched with L-Taurine, Coconut Water, and Himalayan Pink Salt, ensuring effective hydration and fueling for the body.
  • Improved Mental Focus: Contains L-Theanine to enhance mental focus, providing a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being.
  • Lychee Flavour: Enjoy the exotic Lychee flavor, making your EAA supplementation a delightful experience.
  • Free Bigflex Shaker: Includes a complimentary Bigflex Shaker for convenient and easy mixing of your EAA supplement.

Bigflex EAA Lychee Flavour – Your comprehensive solution for muscle support, hydration, and mental focus, with a free shaker.


Berry Fusion, Black Current, Lemon, Lychee, Orange, Peach


30 Servings


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