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Foldable Push Up Board JT-006 by Star Health Products


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Unlock Your Upper Body Potential with the Revolutionary Push Up Rack Board

Push your fitness boundaries and unlock impressive results with the Push Up Rack Board, a versatile home exercise system designed to revolutionize your upper body workouts. This innovative tool, perfect for all fitness levels, boasts unique features that take your push-ups to the next level:

Foldable Convenience: Take your gym with you! This handy board folds effortlessly for easy storage and travel, allowing you to exercise anywhere – from your living room to the park.

Targeted Muscle Training: Ditch the confusion! The color-coded guide lets you focus on specific muscle groups. Target your chest (Pink), shoulders (Blue), back (Green), or triceps (Yellow) with a simple handle adjustment.

Enhanced Comfort & Effectiveness: Protect your wrists and maximize muscle engagement with the ergonomic design. The board minimizes pressure on your palms, leading to deeper stretches and more effective exercises.

Easy Setup & Use: Forget complicated instructions! Simply click the handles into the color-coded slots and start strengthening your muscles. Anti-skid pads keep the board firmly in place for safe and productive workouts.

Perfect for Everyone: Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned athlete, this push-up system adapts to your needs. Ideal for men, women, students, and even seniors, it offers indoor and outdoor exercise opportunities. Get your workout rolling anywhere, anytime!

Non-Slip Stability: Grip with confidence! The non-slip hand grips ensure complete control and stability during your exercises. The durable ABS plastic construction guarantees the board’s long-lasting performance.

Get Maximum Results: Start slow and build your way up. Perform 2 sets of 15-20 push-ups as a beginner, progress to 3 sets of 20 for intermediate level, and challenge yourself with 4 sets of 30-50 push-ups if you’re advanced. Customize intensity based on your fitness level and consistency reaps rewards!

Elevate Your Fitness Journey: Experience a total-body workout that burns calories, builds muscle, and sculpts your upper body. The Push Up Rack Board is your portable companion for fitness breakthroughs, anytime, anywhere.

Order yours today and unlock your full potential!


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