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Reebok RAB-12016RD Gym Ball 65CMS: Enhance Your Fitness Routine with Stability and Comfort


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Features: Anti-burst technology slowly deflates if punctured
Design: Dual texture surface for maximum grip
Uses: Ideal for sit ups, core strength, stability, and general fitness
Size: 65 cm diameter – ideal for users between 5’8 ? 6’1

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  • Core Strengthening: The Reebok Gymball is essential for home workouts, specifically designed to strengthen and tone your core muscles.
  • Stability Exercises: Versatile for a range of stability exercises, the Gymball enhances your overall balance and coordination during workouts.
  • Anti-Slip Material: Crafted from anti-slip material, the ball provides a stable surface, preventing slips or accidents during your exercise routines.
  • Dual-Textured Surface: The dual-textured surface of the Gymball ensures maximum grip, allowing you to perform various exercises with confidence and control.
  • Anti-Burst Technology: Equipped with anti-burst technology, the ball is designed to deflate slowly if punctured, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a safe workout environment.
  • Complete Home Workout Solution: The Reebok Gymball comes with a pump, providing you with all the necessary tools for convenient and effective home workouts.
  • Adidas Quality: Manufactured by Adidas, a trusted brand in sports and fitness, the Gymball is built with high-quality materials to withstand rigorous exercise routines.

Enhance your home gym experience with the Reebok Gymball – a reliable and versatile tool for achieving your fitness goals.


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