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Vector X Trident Plus Thermofused Embossed PU for Professional Player Football


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Made From High Quality Thermofused PU
Excellent Shaper retention with Softness
Advanced Patented Technlogy
FIFA Quality Approved
Thread Wounded Carcass

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  • Innovations for Health and Fitness:
    • Vector X responds to the growing demand for health and fitness innovations.
    • Whether it’s hardcore fitness or sports, Vector X is committed to your well-being.
    • Striving to keep you young and fit, Vector X embodies a winning spirit.
  • A Part of Soccer International Pvt Ltd:
    • Vector X is a brand under Soccer International Pvt Ltd.
    • Renowned sports goods manufacturer exporting worldwide.
    • Entered India in 1999, focusing on health, fitness, and sports.
  • Nationwide Presence:
    • Strong dealer network for nationwide availability.
    • Dedicated to promoting sports across India.
  • Belief in Possibilities:
    • Strong belief in the tenet “Everything is Possible.”
    • Committed to creating revolutionary sports equipment for the Indian sporting fraternity.
  • Wide Range of Sports Equipment:
    • Football, shoes, basketball, volleyball, racket sports, table tennis, swimming, accessories, fitness, bags, cricket bats, grips, skates, and more.
    • Manufacturing a plethora of sports equipment for various sports disciplines.



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