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Star Health Platinum Massager Vibration – Portable and Soothing Vibrating Massaging Tool for Ultimate Relaxation


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  • [3 in 1 Skin Care Roller]–With three different massage bit for skin care, combines the function of tightening skin, eye massage and lotion applicator into one, let you enjoy professional skin care at home.
  • [Comfy Vibration]–Built in motor can provide vibration which can activate facial muscle, keeping skin elasticity, also can help open pore, getting a better absorption of skin care product.
  • [Perfect Facial Contour in 10mins]–The ‘V’ shape roller is for shaping facial exterior contour, tighten skin. The geometric diamond surface can have better tightening effect. The beveled massager is specially used for eye massage, smooth skin around eyes, relieve crow’s feet. This face massager also can work with skin care product, including lotion, the essence, as we have a skin care application bit can be switchable. 10mins everyday builds up better you.
  • [Easy to Use]–Three massager bit can be switch freely, rotatable switch, twist to turn on /off. Easy operation. Smooth handle is comfortable to hold. Compact and portable, can be carried in a backpack when going out, can be used at home and travel


Electric operation for convenience

3D contouring roller for better coverage

Vibration function for enhanced massage experience

Portable and rechargeable design

360 Degree Rotational Ball

1AA Battery

How to Use:

Charge the device.

Cleanse your face.

Apply skincare product.

Power on the massager.

Gently roll the 3D roller across your face, avoiding the eye area.

Move in upward or outward strokes, covering the entire face and neck.

Massage for a few minutes.

Power off the device.

Clean the roller and store it safely.


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