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STAR HEALTH Ortho Regular Sitting Pillow


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Relieves tailbone
Supports lower back
Corrects posture
Best for herniated disc
Degenerated disc
Comfort during pregnancy

Pure memory foam
Ergonomic design
Washable cover
Anti-slip base

 How to Use


  • Place the pillow on your desired seating surface, ensuring the cutout aligns with your tailbone area.
  • Sit down gently, positioning your buttocks in the coccyx cutout to relieve pressure on the tailbone.
  • Adjust your seating position to find the most comfortable and supportive posture.
  • Maintain good posture with your back aligned against the pillow’s ergonomic shape.
  • Use the pillow for prolonged sitting sessions, such as at work, during car rides, or while watching TV.


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