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Star Health Hot & Cold Pack – Versatile Therapeutic Pack for Soothing Relief


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  1. Controls high fever
  2. Relaxes eye strain and headache
  3. Quick relief from tooth pain
  4. Improve blood circulation
  5. Effective on sprains
  6. A Soothing effect on bruises & bumps
  7. Instant relief in sports injury

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  1. Non-toxic gel
  2. Leak resistant
  3. Reusable
  4. Flexible even when chilled/frozen
  5. Retains chill for a long duration

How to use:

Cold Therapy – Store the mask in the chilled compartment for 10-15 minutes before use.

Heat Therapy –  To use, place the mask in warm water for approximately 3 minutes. Remove and the mask is ready for use. If the temperature is too extreme, wrap a thin towel around the mask before using it. Do not heat in Microwave.

Product Specification :

Product Dimension – Length- 21 cm, Breadth – 17 cm, Height – 1 cm, Weight – 320 grams.


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