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Star Health Back Support Pillow Prime – Comfortable and Supportive Cushion for Optimal Back Pain Relief


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Spinal Alignment: The contoured design of the pillow helps promote proper spinal alignment, reducing strain on the back and relieving discomfort.

Posture Support: It provides support to the lower back, helping to maintain good posture and reducing the risk of slouching or hunching.

Pressure Relief: The PU foam material evenly distributes body weight, relieving pressure points and preventing discomfort during prolonged sitting.

Comfort and Relaxation: The cushioning effect of the pillow enhances comfort and relaxation, making long drives or sitting periods more enjoyable.

Versatility: The adjustable strap allows for use in various chairs, including car seats, office chairs, or even at home


PU Foam Material: The pillow is made of polyurethane (PU) foam, providing cushioning and support.

Contoured Design: It is designed with a contoured shape to fit the natural curvature of the back and provide optimal support.

Adjustable Strap: The pillow includes a strap that can be attached to the car chair, keeping it securely in place during travel.

Breathable Cover: Many pillows have a breathable cover to promote air circulation and prevent sweat buildup.

Portable and Lightweight: The pillow is portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport and use in different chairs or vehicles.

How to use:

Place the back support pillow on the desired chair or car seat, ensuring that the contoured side is facing towards your back.

Adjust the position of the pillow to align it with your lower back or the area where you need support the most.

Fasten the adjustable strap around the backrest of the chair or car seat, securing the pillow in place.

Sit back against the pillow, allowing it to provide support and cushioning to your lower back.

Adjust the tightness of the strap to achieve a comfortable fit and ensure the pillow remains securely attached during use.

Enjoy the improved posture, comfort, and support provided by the PU foam back support pillow.


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