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– Reduces Itching & Burning
 – Reduces pain & Abnormal bleeding  Discharge
 – Useful In The Production of the  menstrual cycle
 – Enriched with natural oils
 – Maintains blood circulation
 – Maintains physical strength at an increasing age
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SAHELI SPRAY, a liquid intimate wash for women, stands as the best defense against vaginal discomfort, emphasizing prevention for optimal intimate care. Designed for daily use, this intimate wash is formulated to protect and maintain the natural balance of the intimate area.

The intimate region has a built-in protective layer, naturally acidic, to prevent infections and maintain overall vaginal health. SAHELI SPRAY complements and supports this natural defense mechanism, promoting a healthy and balanced environment.

Regular use of SAHELI SPRAY contributes to the prevention of vaginal discomfort by gently cleansing, maintaining pH balance, and preserving the natural protective layer. The liquid form allows for easy application and thorough coverage, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing experience.

Prioritizing intimate well-being, SAHELI SPRAY provides a proactive approach to women’s health, offering a reliable and effective solution for daily hygiene. Embrace the preventive benefits of SAHELI SPRAY to safeguard and promote the health of your intimate area.

– Use in vaginal 2 times in a day for better  results


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