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– Additional protection on both sides which   prevents side leakage
 – Guides menstrual fluid
 – Effective fluid absorption
 – Super Absorption Transient Absorption  lock   Water
 – Maintains comfort levels
 – Instant dry feeling and pleasant tactile     sensation
  – Neutralises odours and maintains comfort     levels

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Experience enhanced protection with our menstrual pad featuring additional side guards to prevent leakage on both sides. Crafted with a large surface of organic cotton, these pads provide a comfortable and soft feel against the skin. The inclusion of an anion emission band contributes to a more soothing and comfortable experience during menstruation.

Our pads go beyond standard protection by incorporating sterilized recyclable paper. This eco-friendly material guides menstrual fluid towards a super absorbent polymer gel, ensuring effective absorption. The combination of organic cotton and advanced materials maintains comfort levels throughout your menstrual cycle.

Not only do these pads offer superior protection, but they also prioritize sustainability. The sterilized recyclable paper aligns with environmental consciousness, making these pads an eco-friendly choice for women who value both comfort and sustainability.

Choose our menstrual pads for the ultimate combination of protection, comfort, and eco-friendliness during your menstrual cycle. Experience worry-free and comfortable periods with our thoughtfully designed and environmentally conscious menstrual care solution.

 –  cotton
 – Anion emission band
 – Sterilised recyclable paper
 – Super absorbent polymer gel
 – Silver coating cover
– Use based on menstrual cycle conditions


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