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MyFitness Barbeque Peanut Butter (Smooth) – 510g


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  • Flavour: Smooth
  • Brand: MYFITNESS
  • Diet Type: Vegetarian
  • Item Form: Paste
  • Item Weight: 510 Grams
  • Speciality: Vegan
  • Package Information: Jar
  • Nut Seed Type: Peanut
  • Package Weight: 0.58 Kilograms
  • Number of Items: 1

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  • SMOKY BARBEQUE PEANUT BUTTER: Elevate your peanut butter experience with the smokiness of barbeque combined with creamy peanut goodness.
  • NUTRITIONAL POWERHOUSE: Crafted with premium ingredients, this spread is a protein-packed, healthy fats-rich, and vitamin-loaded nutritious delight.
  • PEANUT BUTTER BREAKFAST MAGIC: Unleash culinary creativity – spread it on sandwiches, stir it into stir-fries, or use it as a dip for veggies.
  • FLAVORFUL BBQ BLISS: MyFitness Barbeque Peanut Butter adds a bold, smoky twist to burgers, dips, and various recipes for an explosion of flavor.
  • ENERGIZING TREAT: Packed with healthy fats and protein, it provides sustained energy for your active lifestyle – perfect for the gym or midday pick-me-ups.
  • ALLERGEN-FRIENDLY: Gluten-free and keto-friendly, suitable for various dietary restrictions. Free from artificial additives and colors for worry-free enjoyment.
  • NO NASTY INGREDIENTS: Crafted with premium, high-quality ingredients – guilt-free, no artificial preservatives or additives.
  • WHY CHOOSE MYFITNESS: Committed to the highest quality, MyFitness Barbeque Peanut Butter is free from artificial additives, preservatives, and colors. Sealed for freshness, ensuring a premium taste experience with every jar.


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