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Healthfarm Diet Whey Premium High Protein Blend (Mango Delight) – 2kg – Elevate Your Nutritional Journey


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Brand HF Series
Item Weight 2 Kilograms
Item Form Powder
Allergen Information Allergen-Free
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Unlock your full potential and achieve your weight management goals with the dynamic duo of HF Series! This potent blend of scientifically proven ingredients harnesses the power of CLA and carnitine to fuel your journey towards a fitter, healthier you.

Convert Fat to Energy: Fuel your workouts and torch stubborn fat with the synergistic action of CLA and carnitine. CLA helps break down fat cells, while carnitine shuttles them to the mitochondria where they’re burned for energy, giving you a natural metabolism boost and increased endurance.

Faster Absorption, Faster Results: Experience the edge of whey peptides! This ultra-pure protein form absorbs rapidly and digests easily, delivering crucial nutrients to your muscles for optimal recovery and lean muscle growth. See and feel the difference in your performance and physique.

Deliciously Effective: Ditch bland supplements! Choose from two irresistible milkshake flavors – Vanilla Ice Cream and Double Rich Chocolate – that make weight management a delicious treat. Mixes instantly in water or milk for a convenient and satisfying shake, or whip up a protein-packed smoothie.

Supercharge Your Weight Loss: Carnitine, the ultimate fat transporter, helps mobilize fat cells and send them straight to the energy furnace for efficient burning. Experience accelerated weight loss and achieve your goals faster.

Quality You Can Trust: Rest assured, HF Series adheres to the highest industry standards. Each batch is rigorously tested and certified Banned Substance Free, ensuring safe and effective results for every athlete.

Unleash the champion within and fuel your transformation with HF Series! Order your tub today and experience the difference!


Butter Almonds, Coffee Toffee, Mango Delight, Rocky Road


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