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Healthfarm BCAA + Electrolytes (Blue Raspberry) – 180g – 30 Servings for Muscle Recovery


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  • Form: Powder
  • Vegetarian
  • Usage Intra-workout, As per Requirement
  • Protein Type: BCAA
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Unleash Your Inner Athlete & Conquer Every Workout with Healthfarm BCAA:

Dominate Recovery & Push Your Limits:

  • 5g Muscle-Building BCAAs: Power up with a potent blend of fast-absorbing BCAAs to accelerate muscle repair, reduce soreness, and bounce back faster.
  • Endurance & Stamina Boost: Train harder and longer with improved energy production and fatigue resistance. Crush plateaus and reach new heights.
  • Hydration Hero: Replenish lost electrolytes and stay optimally hydrated for peak performance and a longer training window.

Sculpt Your Physique & Build Lean Muscle:

  • Clinically Proven BCAA Muscle Master: The scientific 2:1:1 BCAA ratio optimizes muscle protein synthesis, fueling growth and definition.
  • Catabolism Crusher: Protect your hard-earned gains from muscle breakdown. Build lean muscle, not unwanted tissue.
  • Delicious Blue Raspberry Burst: Make recovery a refreshing treat with each scoop. 30 servings of pure muscle-building fuel, sugar-free and guilt-free.

Healthfarm BCAA: Your trusted partner for unlocking your full athletic potential and achieving the sculpted physique you deserve.


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