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 – Helps Preventing Cancer
 – Keeps Heart Healthy
 – Helps Reducing Cholesterol
 – Improves skin health
 – Helps weight loss
 – Relieves Inflammation
 – Helps reducing stiffness in joints
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Introducing our Vegetarian Omega-3 Capsules, a plant-based source of essential fatty acids derived from flaxseed oil. These capsules provide a convenient and vegetarian-friendly way to incorporate Omega-3s into your daily routine.

Sourced from flaxseed, our capsules offer a rich supply of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of Omega-3 fatty acid. ALA is known for its potential cardiovascular benefits, supporting heart health by reducing inflammation and promoting optimal cholesterol levels.

Our Vegetarian Omega-3 Capsules are an excellent alternative for those seeking a plant-based source of these essential fatty acids. They cater to various dietary preferences while offering the same health benefits associated with traditional fish oil supplements.

 – Flaxseed oil
 – Omega-3 fatty acids
       HOW TO USE
 – One Capsule to be taken twice daily after meals


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