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EN Eugenics Nutrition 100% Premium Casein Protein (Swiss Chocolate) – 2kg


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Premium Micellar Protein
Build and repair muscle tissue
Muscle growth and contraction
Protein Synthesis
Slow digesting

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Eugenics Nutrition Casein Night Time Protein: Premium Muscle Support

  • Premium Micellar Protein: Utilizing high-quality micellar casein, our formula supports effective muscle building, repair, and growth over an extended period.
  • Build and Repair Muscle Tissue: The slow-digesting nature of Casein Night Time Protein aids in continuous amino acid release, fostering optimal muscle repair and growth.
  • Muscle Growth and Contraction: Enhance muscle development and contraction capabilities, providing sustained support for your fitness journey.
  • Protein Synthesis: Facilitate protein synthesis during the crucial night hours, contributing to overall muscle recovery and strength development.
  • Effective Micellar Casein with Aminogen: Our carefully crafted blend includes Aminogen, a digestive enzyme, ensuring optimal absorption and utilization of protein for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ideal for Nighttime Use: Specifically designed to fuel your body during sleep, maximizing recovery periods, and ensuring you wake up stronger and rejuvenated for your next workout.
  • Great Tasting, Slow Release Formula: Enjoy the goodness of a great-tasting supplement that releases nutrients gradually, providing a sustained protein source throughout the night.
  • Stringent Quality Measures: Eugenics Nutrition maintains strict quality standards, sourcing natural supplements and adhering to pharmaceutical-grade practices for your peace of mind.
  • Naturally Achieve Your Fitness Goals: The balanced combination of premium ingredients and digestive enzymes helps you naturally achieve your fitness goals with Casein Night Time Protein.
  • Supports Your Fitness Journey: Trust in our premium formula to support your overall fitness journey by promoting muscle health, recovery, and strength.

Fuel your nights, build your days. Eugenics Nutrition Casein Night Time Protein: Unleash the power of slow-digesting, premium micellar protein.

Weight 2 kg

Swiss chocolate




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