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– This high foam utensil cleaner which cuts & dissolves tough oil and grease from your dishes effectively.

 – Its pH neutral formula is gentle  on your hands

 – Smart Cleaning

 – Removes stain & gives shine

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Unibiz introduces a premium Liquid Dish Wash Gel with a refreshing lemon fragrance, designed to elevate your dishwashing experience. This advanced formula is crafted to efficiently cut through and dissolve tough oil and grease, leaving your dishes impeccably clean and refreshed.

The potent cleaning power of Unibiz’s Liquid Dish Wash Gel is evident in its ability to tackle stubborn residues, making it a reliable companion in your kitchen. The lemon fragrance adds a delightful touch, imparting a fresh scent to your dishes while ensuring a pleasant dishwashing routine.

This premium dishwashing gel is not only effective but also gentle on your hands, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing experience. The thoughtfully designed formula takes care of the cleanliness and hygiene of your dishes, making it a must-have for households and commercial kitchens alike.

Experience the convenience and efficacy of Unibiz’s Premium Liquid Dish Wash Gel with Lemon Fragrance – a product that combines tough cleaning power with a refreshing aroma, transforming dishwashing into a delightful task.


– Natural ingredients

– pH neutral formula

– Fragrance


– Daily use

– Take one spoon of dishwash gel mix well in  a bowl of    water dip the scrubber, squeeze  to get    powerful     lather. Clean to get a sink  full of sparkling vessels.


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