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Denver Perfume Honour: A Symphony of Prestige – 100ML


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  • Fragrance Name: Denver Perfume Honour
  • Notes Combination:
    • Fresh citrus and spicy top notes
    • Musky signature in the middle
    • Base notes of sandalwood and amber
  • Character:
    • Evokes strength and tenderness
    • Harmonizes tradition and modernity
  • Fragrance Experience:
    • Opens with a refreshing blend of fresh citrus and spicy notes
    • Develops a musky signature for a distinctive middle layer
    • Settles into a warm and comforting base of sandalwood and amber
  • Overall Essence:
    • Balances strength and tenderness with a blend of traditional and modern elements
  • Purpose:
    • A fragrance that encompasses all essential elements, providing a complete and satisfying olfactory experience.


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