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Black Series Whey Isolate & Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Froot Loops (Dexter Jackson Signature Series)


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DEXTER JACKSON offers a modern whey protein formula, namely HYDROLYZE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE. It is a complete package of all the nutrients to help you build your muscles and it is also the best booster for your immune system in a healthier way. p. BCAAs and L-Glutamine are essential amino…
Quantity : 5 Lbs


Dexter Jackson Hydrolyze Whey Protein Isolate presents a modern formula for comprehensive muscle building and immune system support.

Key Features:

  • Complete Nutrient Package:
    • A comprehensive blend of nutrients supporting muscle growth and enhancing immune health.
  • Essential Amino Acids:
    • Packed with essential amino acids, including powerful BCAAs and L-Glutamine for optimal muscle support.
  • Natural Sources:
    • Derived from natural sources like soy, a healthy plant-based protein.
  • Enzyme Boost:
    • Contains key enzymes (Protease, Amylase, and Lactase) aiding efficient nutrient breakdown and absorption.
  • Advanced Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate:
    • The most advanced option for athletes and sports enthusiasts, perfect for intense training preparations.
  • Minimum Calorie Serving:
    • With just 110kcal per serving, a low-calorie option suitable for daily consumption without major dietary modifications.
  • Gourmet Chocolate Flavor:
    • Enjoy the delightful taste of gourmet chocolate for a satisfying and indulgent experience.


  • Mixing Instructions:
    • Mix 1 scoop with 6 ounces of water/milk using a blender or shaker cup. Shake or stir for 10-30 seconds until well-mixed.
  • Adjusting Thickness:
    • Add up to 4 ounces of water/milk for a thicker shake according to your preference.
  • Convenient Preparation:
    • Easily prepare with a glass and spoon, providing flexibility in your daily routine.
  • Recommended Daily Intake:
    • Consume 1-3 servings daily for optimal results in muscle building and immune support.
Weight 5 kg


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