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Healthfarm Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein (Chocolate Infinity) – 2kg – Elevate Your Muscle Building Experience


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Brand HF Series
Item Weight 2 Kilograms
Material Type Free Caffeine Free
Diet Type Vegetarian
Product Benefits Muscle Growth
Protein Source Whey
Net Quantity 2000.0 gram
Number of Items 1
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Unleash Your Inner Beast: Revamped Product Description for Whey Protein Isolate


Fuel your fitness journey with the pure power of protein! This Whey Protein Isolate blend delivers a powerful punch of nutrients to help you build lean muscle, recover faster, and reach your peak performance.

Unleash Your Muscle-Building Potential:

  • Ultra-pure Whey Isolate: This high-quality protein source packs a potent 25g per scoop, perfectly bioavailable for optimal absorption and utilization by your muscles.
  • Rapid Recovery Champion: Whey Peptides, the fast-absorbing heroes, deliver nutrients to your muscles instantly, promoting quick repair and reducing post-workout soreness.
  • Lean Muscle Gain for All: Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast, this protein blend supports your muscle-building goals, helping you achieve a sculpted, toned physique.

Boost Your Performance & Power:

  • Strength & Stamina Amplifier: Fuel your workouts and push your limits further with the energy-boosting power of protein. Experience increased strength, better endurance, and enhanced performance in every session.
  • Optimum Nutrient Delivery: The insulinogenic response triggered by whey protein helps shuttle other nutrients like creatine and glucose to your muscles more efficiently, maximizing your training gains.

Convenient & Delicious:

  • Anytime Enjoyment: Take your protein shake post-workout, between meals, as a snack, or even as a guilt-free treat. It’s a versatile way to add an extra dose of protein to your day.
  • Mix & Match Flavors: Choose from a variety of delicious options to satisfy your taste buds. Mix it with water, milk, or even blend it into your favorite smoothie for a refreshing and nutritious on-the-go option.

Invest in your fitness with this high-quality protein blend and unleash your inner beast! Order your tub today and fuel your transformation!


Chocolate Infinity, Cookies & cream


2KG (4.4 lbs)


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