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Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily-Wear Perfume – 100ml


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Quantity: 100 ml
Ideal For: Men
Fragrance Classification: Eau de Parfum
Fragrance Family: Fresh
Fragrance Segment: Budget

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Embrace the Golden Hues of Autumn with Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily-Wear Perfume (100ml)


As the leaves blaze with color and the air carries a crisp chill, Yardley London Autumn Bloom invites you to savor the rich beauty of the season. This captivating fragrance is a warm and vibrant tapestry, evoking the golden hues of falling leaves and the sweet scent of nature’s bounty.

A Symphony of Autumnal Delights:

  • Top Notes: A playful burst of apple and bergamot invigorates the senses, reminiscent of fresh, sun-kissed orchards.
  • Heart Notes: The fragrance unfolds with a delicate blend of rose and apple blossom, reminiscent of blooming flowers amidst the changing foliage.
  • Base Notes: Warm notes of sandalwood and amber anchor the fragrance, creating a comforting and sophisticated aura that lingers long after the first touch.

More than just a scent, Yardley London Autumn Bloom is an experience. It captures the essence of cozy evenings by the fireplace, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and the vibrant colors that paint the autumn landscape.

Crafted for the Sophisticated Woman:

  • Yardley London’s Legacy: Over 200 years of fragrance expertise infused in every bottle. Autumn Bloom embodies timeless elegance and quality, perfectly complementing the modern woman’s discerning taste.
  • Long-Lasting Aroma: Enjoy the captivating scent of Autumn Bloom throughout your day. This expertly crafted formula ensures a fragrance that unfolds gradually, revealing its layers with every movement.
  • Perfect for Daily Wear: The warm and inviting notes of Autumn Bloom make it suitable for everyday wear, adding a touch of autumnal charm to any occasion.

Embrace the golden glow of autumn and celebrate the beauty of nature’s transformation with Yardley London Autumn Bloom.

Additional Information:

  • Size: 100ml
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Available in other Yardley London daily-wear fragrances
  • Cruelty-free

Order your bottle of Yardley London Autumn Bloom today and let the warm notes of autumn embrace you!


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