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UNIBIZ Unifresh Aloe Vera Gel (250gm)


 – Neutralize infection causing germs
 – Reduces acne and fights ageing
 – Soothes inflammations
 – Heals wounds
   Skin Treatment

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Discover the versatile wonders of UNIFRESH Aloe Vera Gel (250gm), a clear, jelly-like substance derived from the inner part of the aloe plant leaf. This multipurpose gel offers a plethora of benefits for both skin and hair.

Aloe Vera Gel is renowned for its soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties, making it an ideal remedy for various skin concerns. Apply it to sunburns, dry skin, or irritated areas to experience instant relief and hydration. The gel is easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

For hair care, UNIFRESH Aloe Vera Gel provides a lightweight and nourishing solution. Apply it to your hair and scalp to promote hydration, reduce frizz, and enhance the natural shine of your locks. The non-greasy formula ensures easy application and leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable.

Embrace the purity of UNIFRESH Aloe Vera Gel (250gm) in your daily skincare and hair care routines, and let the natural goodness of aloe vera enhance your beauty regimen. Reap the benefits of this versatile elixir for a refreshed and revitalized look.


–   Extract of Aloevera

– Use as a daily moisturizer for face, skin &  hair  moisturizing

– After shave lotion for men


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