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Tynor Tennis – Orange: Elevate Your Game with Style and Performance



? Gel cushion pad on one of the sides provides ultimate comfort provides the user more comfort and which improves their performace.
? The reverse buckle ensure to control the targeted pressure generated by any activity of the user. This also enables strong grip around the elbow. Length of the tennis/golfer?s elbow support can also be customized because of Y clamp hook loop.
? The Tynor tennis elbow is made of very soft feel fabric thin rigid polymer sheet for uniform and precise pressure distribution resulting in enhanced comfort to the user. The ventilation in the material use makes it more user friendly and long lasting.
? Tynor tennis elbow specially designed for sports people playing racket sports, lifting weights or any activity that puts stress on the forearm . The Black color is universally accepted by any user and on either of the user hand.
? It is very easy and smooth in its usage that user finds it very comfortable. It is also washable which makes it more user friendly and more durable.

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Semi rigid design relieves stress during repetitive hitting or twisting motion Reverse Buckle Mechanism holds muscles and tendons of forearm Gel pad cushioning protects the tendons of the forearm and it’s massaging action increases the blood flow Hi tech Design allows customized fitting and compression.


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