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Star Health Foot Sole Soft Gel – Cushioned Support for Your Feet


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  • Relaxes and energizes you
  • Good to improve blood circulation
  • Stimulates the pressure points at the feet
  • Enhances overall health
  • Keeps unwanted sickness at bay
  • Good to relieve arthritic pain which is generally on the ankles and knees
  • Shock absorption eliminates pain-causing vibrations, orthotic heal cup reduces the impact on feet and stimulates blood flow.
  • Lightweight insoles are comfortable and can fit different shoe sizes
  • Absorbs foot sweat and removes feet smell troubles

Features: –

  • Cushioned Gel Support
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Cut to Fit

How to Use:

  • Place the Insoles in your shoes (if necessary, take out any existing Insoles first to achieve the optimum fit)
  • Make sure you put Insoles in both the shoes
  • The Silicone Insoles can be worn outside, during sports, and in casual shoes


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