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Ayurvedic Concoction of these Oil Result In Well Chosen Vital Herbs Combination

 – Relieving Joint Pain Back Pain

 – Neck And Shoulder Pain

 – Suitable For Adults, Children And  Pregnant Women

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Experience natural relief with our 100% Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Ointment. Specially formulated with potent Ayurvedic ingredients, this ointment offers a holistic approach to alleviate pain and promote overall health.

Our Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Ointment harnesses the power of traditional herbs and botanicals known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The carefully selected ingredients work synergistically to provide effective relief from various types of pain, including joint pain, muscle soreness, and discomfort from daily activities.

By reducing pain and inflammation, this Ayurvedic formulation not only addresses the symptoms but also contributes to the improvement of your body’s overall health. The ointment is designed for easy application, allowing you to target specific areas of pain and experience soothing relief.

Embrace the wisdom of Ayurveda and prioritize your well-being with our Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Ointment. Discover the natural way to manage pain and enhance your body’s health for a more active and fulfilling life.

–  Ayurvedic Herbs
 – Natural Product With Natural Ingredients
 – Eucalyptus Oil
 – Clove Oil
 – Lemon Balm Oil
 – Patchouli Oil
 – Peppermint Oil
 – Camphor Oil
 – Wintergreen Oil
      HOW TO USE
 – Spray it on affected area and gently  massage


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