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MuscleTech Nitro-tech 100% Whey gold (Double Rich Chocolate) 1.8kg



  • Primary Protein Source: Whey protein isolate
  • Flavour: Double Rich Chocolate
  • Size: 1.8 kg
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Nitro-Tech™ 100% Whey Gold is a leading whey protein supplement designed to support muscle growth and recovery. Here’s a summary of its key features:

  1. Premium Protein Blend: This formula primarily utilizes whey protein isolate, along with whey protein concentrate and whey peptides. This blend ensures rapid absorption and digestion, providing the muscles with essential nutrients quickly.
  2. Muscle Support: Each serving contains 5.6g of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and 4.3g of glutamine and precursor from whey protein. These amino acids are crucial for muscle repair, recovery, and growth, helping you perform at your best.
  3. Clean and High-Quality: The whey protein in Nitro-Tech™ 100% Whey Gold is processed using a cold microfiltration technique, ensuring the highest quality and purity. With 24g of ultra-premium whey protein per scoop, you can trust in its effectiveness.
  4. Delicious Flavors: MuscleTech® has collaborated with top flavor houses to deliver a delightful taste experience with each scoop. With a variety of flavors available, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your preferences.

Overall, Nitro-Tech™ 100% Whey Gold is a reliable choice for individuals looking to enhance their strength, muscle mass, and recovery process.


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