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MuscleTech Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 (Triple Chocolate Brownie) 3kg


High Protein Food for Weight Gain

  • Vegetarian product
  • Flavor: Triple Chocolate Brownie
  • Size: 3 kg
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Get Bigger and Stronger Fast

Prepare to strive for extreme gains with the advanced mass gainer, Mass-Tech™ Extreme 2000. Each serving packs a punch with 30g of protein, over 200g of carbs, and over 1000 calories. Plus, it includes 3.2g of L-leucine, 1.5g of creatine, and added vitamins and minerals to support your muscle size and strength goals.

Heavy Work Activity Support

For individuals needing a performance gainer to fuel heavy work activity, Mass-Tech™ Extreme 2000 delivers like no other. In a 7-scoop shake mixed with 600mL of skim milk, you’ll get the building blocks necessary to pack on muscle. The formula contains enough BCAAs, including L-leucine, to amplify protein synthesis, aiding in strength gains and muscle growth.

Clean-Calorie Protein & Carbohydrate Drink

Reignite your weight-gaining goals with a delicious, protein-packed mass gainer that provides clean carbs and calories. Mass-Tech™ Extreme 2000 delivers over 1000 calories and 200g+ of carbs per serving through a carb complex, spiking insulin levels to promote muscle glycogen replenishment. This supports creatine uptake and puts your body in an anabolic state for optimal muscle growth.

In a university study, subjects who added 2000 calories from Mass-Tech™ Extreme 2000 to their high-protein diet and weightlifting program gained 6.8lbs of mass, demonstrating its effectiveness in achieving extreme results. Maximize your potential and take your gains to the next level with Mass-Tech™ Extreme 2000.


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