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UNIBIZ Lavender Oil


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  • Treats Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Insomnia,
  • Kills acne causing bacteria,
  • Treat Menstrual Cramps

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Immerse yourself in the calming and aromatic embrace of our Lavender Oil, a pure and natural essential oil extracted from Lavandula angustifolia flowers. Renowned for its versatile and soothing properties, Lavender Oil is a delightful addition to your wellness routine.

Known for its calming effects, Lavender Oil is a popular choice for relaxation and stress relief. Its aromatic scent can be diffused to create a serene atmosphere or added to bathwater for a tranquil bathing experience. Additionally, it is often used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Beyond its aromatic benefits, Lavender Oil also offers skincare advantages. Its antimicrobial properties can aid in soothing minor skin irritations, and its moisturizing qualities contribute to a healthier complexion.

Whether used for relaxation, skincare, or aromatherapy, our Lavender Oil is a versatile essential oil that brings a touch of tranquility to your daily routine. Elevate your well-being with the pure essence of lavender and let its calming properties nurture your body and mind.

Pure Lavender extracted essential oil


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