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HealthFarm Pure L-Arginine Amino Acid – Unflavoured (100g)


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  • Increase blood flow to muscles
  • More muscle gains
  • Delay onset workout fatigue
  • Increase stamina
  • Enhance workout performance
  • Increase body strength
  • Quick recovery

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  • Performance Power Booster: 100% pure L-Arginine provides 5000mg Arginine per serving, boosting nitric oxide for lively blood flow, muscle tissue development, and enhanced strength.
  • Muscle Builder Supplement: Retains nitrogen, upgrades protein synthesis, curbs fat, promotes fast metabolism, releases growth hormone, and signals muscle cells for lean muscle mass.
  • Immunity Builder: Stabilizes immunity, accelerates wound healing, and ensures fast recovery for bones and skin, offering protection against chronic diseases.
  • Fat-Cutter: Increases metabolism, curbs fat storage, converts fat into energy, and regulates blood circulation for a healthy weight and overall well-being.



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