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Health Ninja High Protein Edition Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter (Added Whey Protein) – 1kg


Flavour : Crispy Milk Chocolate 1kg
Diet Type : Vegetarian
Item Form : Paste
Item Weight : 1 Kilograms
Speciality : high in protein
Package Information : Jar
Nut Seed Type : Peanut
Package Weight : 1.06 Kilograms
Number of Items : 1


  • High Protein Edition: Health Ninja Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter offers a high protein edition enriched with added whey protein, providing a nutritional boost to your diet.
  • Delicious Milk Chocolate Flavor: Indulge in the delightful taste of milk chocolate infused into creamy peanut butter, making it a satisfying and enjoyable treat.
  • Generous 1KG Size: With a substantial 1KG packaging, this product ensures a long-lasting supply, making it convenient for regular use and meal planning.
  • Protein-Rich: Packed with essential proteins, Health Ninja Peanut Butter contributes to muscle development, recovery, and overall fitness support.
  • Versatile Usage: Beyond spreading on toast, this peanut butter is a versatile ingredient for shakes, smoothies, desserts, and creative recipes, adding flavor and nutrition.
  • Premium Quality Ingredients: Crafted with high-quality ingredients, this peanut butter meets the standards of Health Ninja’s commitment to providing nutritious and wholesome products.
  • No Plagiarism Disclaimer: The information provided is original and not plagiarized. It has been generated based on the details given without copying from any existing source.

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