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Denver Caliber Deo: Unleash Strength in Every Spray, 200ml


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  • Fragrance Type: Fresh Woody and Slightly Oriental
  • Top Note:
    • Aromatic Green
    • Well blended with Italian Lemon
  • Middle Note:
    • Rich Geranium
    • Spicy Notes
  • Base Note:
    • Tonka
    • Amber
    • Woody Notes
  • Overall Composition:
    • Harmonious blend of aromatic greens and zesty Italian lemon in the top note.
    • Middle notes feature the richness of Geranium accompanied by a subtle hint of spice.
    • Base notes deliver a warm and inviting composition with Tonka, amber, and woody elements.

Denver Deo Caliber is a sophisticated fragrance that evolves through its different layers, offering a fresh and vibrant top, a complex and aromatic heart, and a warm and lasting base. The combination of these elements creates a well-balanced and distinctive scent experience.


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