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– Provides excellent cleaning performance as a value price
 – Ideal for Regular Maintenance, Good for all seasons cleaning and protection
 – Keeps vehicle Surface Clean, Shiny and Smooth, Removes tough Oil, Grease and stains
 – It is very thick, high foaming and transparent cleans in both soft and hard water

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This innovative product showcases an advanced lubrication formula, delivering a cutting-edge cleaning solution that not only effectively cleans but also preserves the protective wax layer on surfaces. Unlike traditional cleaners that may strip away wax, this formula ensures a meticulous cleaning process while safeguarding the integrity of the applied wax.

The advanced lubrication properties enable the cleaning agent to glide smoothly over surfaces, lifting away dirt, grime, and contaminants without compromising the protective wax layer. This dual-action approach provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining surfaces, ensuring they are not only clean but also shielded from potential damage.

Ideal for various applications, from automotive surfaces to household items, this product offers a versatile solution with long-lasting protective benefits. Its ability to clean and protect simultaneously makes it a valuable asset in preserving the aesthetics and durability of surfaces, offering convenience and efficiency in one advanced cleaning formula. Incorporate this advanced lubrication cleaning solution into your routine for a superior cleaning experience with lasting protection.

– Phosphate free and biodegradable formulation


Add 30 ML TetraClean High Foam Car Washing Liquid in 1 gallon (4 Liters) of water in bucket


2. Rinse loose dirt off car starting with top


3. Using soft cloth, wash & rinse one section at a time starting with the top


4. Rinse entire Bike/ Car and wipe dry


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