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Bigflex Essential Mass Gainer (Kesar Badam) – 1kg


Brand Bigflex
Net Quantity 1000.0 gram
Item Form Powder
Item Weight 1 Kilograms
Special Ingredients 547 Kcal Calories, 15g Protein, 120g Carbs, 750mg L-Taurine.
Diet Type Vegetarian
Product Benefits Nourishing
Age Range (Description) Adult
Package Information Jar
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  • Increases Mass:
    • BigFlex’s mass gainer supports muscle building by providing additional calories necessary for muscular mass gain.
    • Convenient supplement for intensified nutrient intake during intense physical activity.
  • Improves Athletic Performance:
    • BigFlex’s bulk gainer for men enhances caloric intake with extra protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and taurine.
    • Boosts endurance and overall athletic performance effectively.
  • Faster Muscle Recovery:
    • Big Flex’s Mass Gainer for men, enriched with whey and casein proteins, aids post-workout muscle repair and lean muscle formation.
    • High-calorie supplement meeting the body’s energy requirements with an ideal macronutrient ratio.
  • Staying Fuller Longer:
    • Big Flex’s Mass Gainer, with compelling evidence, transforms taurine into muscle, delaying exhaustion and promoting a full stomach.
    • Creatine, coupled with exercise, accelerates muscle mass increase, aiding in avoiding unnecessary snacking.
  • Post-Workout Benefits:
    • Big Flex’s mass gainer, in liquid form, provides a practical alternative to post-workout meals, supporting strength and development.
    • Focused on calorie increase while offering sufficient protein for effective muscle growth.


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Chocolate, Kesar badam, Strawberry banana


1kg (2.2lbs)


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