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BigFlex Prime Muscle Mass Gainer (Chocolate and Cookies) – 3kg


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Brand :Bigflex
Quantity: 3 kg
Flavor :Chocolate Cookies
Protein Type:
Weight Gainers/Mass Gainers
Usage Timings :
Pre-workout & Post-workout

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BigFlex Mass Gainer: Fuel Your Muscles, Ignite Your Growth

  • 6g Essential Amino Acid Blend: Promotes muscle mass gain with a balanced 1:8 protein to carb ratio.
  • Creatine for Muscle Growth: Boosts protein synthesis, doubling lean muscle growth when combined with regular exercise.
  • Cell Volumizing Multiphase Creatine: Supports muscle development and strength with an effective creatine strategy.
  • Convenient Consumption: Mix one serving with 300 ml of water, milk, or your preferred beverage immediately after a workout.
  • Spikes Insulin & Replenishes Glycogen: Boosts insulin levels, replenishing glycogen stores for sustained energy.
  • Formulated for Optimal Results: Triggers a 360% increase in muscle protein synthesis for enhanced muscle development.
  • Added Digizyme for Better Digestion: Includes digestive enzymes for improved macronutrient absorption and overall digestion.
  • Chocolate Flavor: Enjoy the mouthwatering chocolate taste, sweetened with a non-caloric sweetener.
  • Your go-to option for convenient and effective muscle mass gain with BigFlex’s expertly formulated mass gainer.

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