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Avvatar Muscle Gainer – 2 Kg – 33 Servings (Belgian Chocolate Flavour)


Brand: AVVATAR Flavour: Belgian Chocolate Item Weight: 2 Kilograms Material Type: Gluten Free Diet Type: Vegetarian Product Benefits: Muscle Growth Protein Source: Whey Net Quantity: 2000.0 grams Number of Items: 1 Package Type: Jar with points


Experience the essence of pure whey with AVVATAR, the first truly “Made in India” whey protein. Crafted in Manchar, Pune, our protein blend is specially designed for Indian consumers, taking into account the unique dietary patterns of our nation.

Our protein-carb matrix combines the power of whey protein concentrate and isolate, casein, maltodextrin, and dextrose, offering you the perfect balance of nutrients for your fitness journey.

We prioritize quality and purity. AVVATAR ensures that our whey is milked, processed, and packed within 24 hours, guaranteeing you the freshest product possible.

But we don’t stop there. We understand the importance of recovery, which is why our protein contains naturally occurring BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) and EAAs (Essential Amino Acids), speeding up your body’s recovery process after intense workouts.

Choose AVVATAR for a protein supplement that’s not only made with care and precision but also tailored to meet the needs of the Indian fitness enthusiast. Trust AVVATAR for purity, quality, and results.


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