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UNIBIZ Aloe Orange Handwash


– Protection from germs, bacteria


– Skin friendly & easy to use

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Elevate your handwashing experience with the pure and natural Aloe Orange Handwash. This handwash is crafted to instill healthy habits while providing a germs-free cleansing experience. Infused with the goodness of aloe vera and the refreshing essence of oranges, this handwash ensures a thorough and gentle cleanse.

Aloe vera, known for its natural soothing and moisturizing properties, pampers your hands while effectively eliminating germs. The invigorating fragrance of oranges adds a delightful touch to your handwashing routine, making it a sensory delight.

Embrace the daily ritual of handwashing with a product that not only promotes cleanliness but also cares for your skin. The Aloe Orange Handwash combines the purity of natural ingredients, ensuring a handwashing experience that is not only effective in germ removal but also leaves your hands feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Make healthy habits a pleasure with the Aloe Orange Handwash, and let the invigorating blend of aloe vera and oranges transform your handwashing routine into a moment of self-care and cleanliness.

– Natural Aloevera
 – Neem
 – Tulsi
 – Orange extract gel base
 – Fragrance
 – Permitted colure


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