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Airavat JUMPGSTER 4002 Skipping Rope – BLUE: Elevate Your Cardio Workout with Style and Precision



? HANDLES: Jumpster handles are made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is durable and lightweight. They are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip for the user.
? ROPE: The rope is made of a soft latex and PVC mixture that is flexible and easy to handle. The length of the rope can be adjusted to fit the user’s height and preference.
? BALL BEARINGS: The handles of the jump rope include high-quality ball bearings that help to ensure a smooth and consistent rotation of the rope. This can make jumping easier and more efficient.
? SOFT CABLE: Soft cable that is designed to reduce the risk of injury while jumping. This cable can be more forgiving on the feet and ankles, which can be especially helpful for beginners or those with existing injuries.
? EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: The skipping rope has cushions on the handles, which do not injure the palm, prevent sweating and providing the firm grip during long skipping!
? IMPROVING HEALTH: Skipping exercise is suitable for weight loss, fat burning and body shaping which also helps to promote blood circulation and keeps you healthy! The rope is not only good for your health, but also a ideal item to share with your friends and family.
? PORTABILITY: Jumpster are very portable and can be used virtually anywhere, making them an ideal fitness tool for people who are always on the go or who don’t have access to a gym.

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